Camerata Singers

The choir rehearses from September through April on Tuesday evenings at First Presbyterian Church, Allentown, PA.  Rehearsals for the Fall, 2018 concert start on Tuesday, September 11, at 7:15pm.  Rehearsals for the Spring, 2019 concert resume after the Holiday break on Tuesday, January 21, at 7:30pm. 

Singers interested in joining this lively group should call our Music Director, Allan Birney, at (610) 282-4282 to arrange an audition.

Rehearsal Schedule 2018-2019

Note that, in the event of inclement weather on rehearsal days, an announcement about rehearsal status will be posted here and on the main page after 3:00pm. Remember to refresh this page with your browser to check whether rehearsal will be cancelled  Also, First Presbyterian Church posts notices here when the church itself is closed for all activities.

Tues, Sept 11 Rehearsals begin at First Presbyterian Church 7:15pm
Frid, Nov 16 Dress Rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church 7:30pm
Sat, Nov 17 Dress Rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church 1:00pm
Sat, Nov 17 Concert at First Presbyterian Church 7:30pm
Sat, Dec 15  Dress Rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church 2:00pm-4:00pm
Sat, Dec 15 'Messiah'Concert at First Presbyterian Church 7:30pm
Tues, Jan 21 Rehearsals resume at First Presbyterian Church 7:30pm
Frid, April 26 Dress Rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church 7:30pm
Sat, April 27 Duruflé Rehearsal at First Presbyterian Church 1:00pm-4:00pm
Sat, April 27 Duruflé Concert at First Presbyterian Church 7:30pm

For reference, here is a link to the invitation letter for returning singers, and a link to a questionaire for singers about your feelings about the group.

Here for your fond memories are links to Arvo Pärt's 'Le Lament D'Adam' and Ola Gjielo's 'Sunrise Mass'.

Here for your listening enjoyment and sweet memories are links to Arvo Pärt's 'Te Deum' and Ola Gjielo's 'Dark Night of the Soul'.

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Singers are encouraged to notify section representatives in advance if unable to attend rehearsals.

Section Representatives 2017-2018

SOPRANO Liz Conrad 610-554-0180 TENOR Stephen Bueker 610-657-4188
alternate Cindy Ernst 484-553-6536 alternate Dean Berg 610-573-6067
ALTO Elaine Molnar 610-814-2360 BASS Bob Smith 610-282-1362
alternate Chris Torchia 610-781-3502 alternate Ted Twardzik 610-967-2567

Active Singers 2006-2016

Arianna Abouzari Silvia Augstroze Gene Allen
Diane Abouzari Joy Balas Benjamin Becker
Susan Ackermann Woods Barbara Ballard Dean C. Berg
Lauren Adelizzi Megan Bartlett Stephen Bueker
Marianne Allen Sharon A. Beckhard Don Buss
JoAnna Allen Lynn Whitehouse Birney Frederick Chapman
Corliss Bachman Joan Blume Guy Ehler
Loris Baker Elizabeth Buss Geoff Gehman
Ellamay Balas Irene Blough Steven Gratias
RuthAnn Bartlett Donna R. Butler Jamie Henry
Wilma Krause Brucker Dorothy Cockrell Charles Johns
Lynn Brumfield Kathryn Dyer Florence Kimball
Elizabeth Conrad Catherine R. Elwell Dan Hunter
Christina Curreri Susan Evatt David LaBarre
Mary Dawson Sarah Fensler Edward Lineberger
Jane Davis Bonnie Forbes Floyd Martin
Laura Clausen Drum Natalie Foster Dave Mentzer
Cindy Ernst Janet Goloub Sam Morneweck
Carolyn Folmer Elizabeth Griner Jonathon Mosebach
Suzanne Frederick Rachel Koon Greg Oaten
Joan Freiwald Linda K. Laubach Jan Phillips
Jill Kemmerer Kim Lesh Landon Staley
Marilyn Laub Michele R. Levy Alex Thomas
Emily Lydon Jacqueline Lewis David Voellinger
Martha Maletz Linda Lipkis Lawrence Zohn
Linda Maule Mary Jane Mahler BASS
Vee McClain Anne Maiale David Africa
Linda Mericle Jeanne-Marie Maiale Garry Applegate
Marcia Mierzwa Ruth Maletz Robert Beck
Joan Moran Katherine M. Marinos Joe Busolits
Leslie Morneweck Linda Mitman Stephen Clendenning
Marlene Moser Elaine B. Molnar Marc DiNardo
Miriam Nachesty Lois Nowack Charles Drum
Faye Pokrifka Victoria Opthof-Cordaro Robert Evatt
Marguerite Reinhard Santa Peters Jim Farrand
Sally Reith Pamela Reiss Jim Freund
Pam Rice Lani Anne Remick James Gallucci
Terry Ryan-Mitlyng Diane Scott Bryan Green
Jennifer Sherman Alison Seibert Gene Hamilton, Jr.
Jennifer Sherman Beth Sharpless Jim Henry
Susan K. Smith Kathy Snyder Kevin Hoffman
Anne Sollien Patty Spitko Gerard Hummel
Deborah Sostarecz Lois Stauffer Gilfrid R. Levy
Laurel Sue Staats Jan Sutermeister Jorge Mandler
Cally Staats Christiane Torchia Bill McGlinn
Caroline Staley Shirley Williams Joseph Molnar III
Maureen Swanson Deborah Zohn David Nowack
Silvija Tighe   Edward Quinter
Kathy Yacone   David Rishel
Christine Verdier   David Schwenk
Karen Votta   Donald Seagreaves
    Bill Seaman
    Nelson Shores
    Robert Smith
    Kalman Sostarecz
    Jim Staley
    Ted Twardzik